Wheel of Wishes Pokie Game: Over 2 Million to Win

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The Wheel of Wishes pokie, from the WowPot series, offers excellent options for winning huge jackpots. Within the bonus wheel, the slot includes a WowPot of at least $2 million up for grabs. Free spins, combined with stacked symbols, lead to intermediate winning options during play.

Wheel of Wishes pokie game WowPot jackpot

Intro to Wheel of Wishes

The Wheel of Wishes offers a super exciting WowPot jackpot with a minimum of 2 million as the top prize. The pokie is not only progressive but also incorporates other ways to earn money based on the game.

As its name suggests, the pokie machine contains a bonus wheel. The game wheel has four pots, including the WowPot Mega Jackpot.

After launching in February 2020, the Wheel of Wishes became the first pokie in the WowPot saga. Today, there are 9 WowPot games playable via online casinos from WowPot slots publishers. Each time players try their luck on one of the pokies in the series, the WowPot wheel jackpot values increase. When a lucky player wins one of the pots, their value reboots to its starting point.

Wheel of Wishes Casinos

Several New Zealand online casinos have Wheel of Wishes in their catalogs. Also, some of these casinos have top notch bonus offers on WowPot games.

You can enjoy a generous welcome program by registering at Jackpot City Casino. You can claim bonuses up to NZ$1600 on your first real money deposits.

Hands and bets

The Wheel of Wishes slot is easy to figure out.

The key elements of the game are:

  • The game grid consists of 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols.
  • There are 10 paylines that pay out coins.
  • The size of the bets depends on the amount wagered.
  • Minimum bets are NZ$0.10 per spin, and max bets are NZ$25 per spin.

Except for the bonus wheel jackpots, all pokie wins are multiples of the bet size. This means the winnings scale appropriately depending on your bet amount.

This pokie has high volatility due to the concept of the progressive jackpot. However, on the non-progressive basis of the game, it is quite easy to win coins.

Key features

RTP93.34 %
Min. betNZ$0.20
Max. betNZ$25
Max. win500x the bet
Payment lines10
Bonus wheel4 progressive jackpots

Game and features

Wheel of Wishes screen

WowPot Progressive Jackpots

The progressive WowPot games in the series have the biggest starting seeds at online pokies. The WowPot base starts at 2 million, but there are also 3 other pots up for grabs.

The starting seeds of the 4 jackpots are:

WowPot+2 Million
Major JackpotNZ$50,000
Minor JackpotNZ$100
Mini JackpotNZ$10
WowPot series games are multi-currency.

In New Zealand, the slot machines in the saga are all playable in NZ dollars.

When the WowPot bonus wheel appears on the screen, you win one of the 4 jackpots. So whatever sized bet you make, there is always a chance of hitting the jackpot. On the other hand, your chances of winning the jackpot of over 2 million increase when you start raising the bets. For example, by choosing the Power Spin function on Wheel of Wishes, your chances of winning big massively increase.

Win big on the Wheel of Wishes

The best way to increase your winning odds on Wheel of Wishes is to set your spins at NZ$25. This way offers chances to win huge sums on the non-progressive part of the game. It also favors the payment of the minimum 2 million dollar WowPot when the bonus wheel appears.

Betting NZ$25 per round is a heck of a lot of money!
According to players familiar with the Wheel of Wishes slot, setting bets at NZ$0.50 while activating the Power Spin function is the most effective trick to try to win big.

Payout structure on Wheel of Wishes

The pay structure of this pokie machine consists of three tiers. Naturally, the high-end symbols pay the best, which starts with the magic lamp. Five lamps pay 10x the stake. As for gold chests, they pay 7.5x the bet.

Other mid-level symbols like gems and earrings also pay out a lot of coins.

The card symbols payout the least coins, but improve the RTP rate of the game. Therefore it is always worth accumulating winnings during the game. Especially with the WowPot jackpot up for grabs.

Wheel of Wishes: Massive jackpots won

The pokie Wheel of Wishes pays out an avalanche of coins every day. Played all over the world, the slot’s winning potential offers chances to win a fortune at any time.

Since launching in February 2020, the Wheel of Wishes players have won Major jackpots on the game’s bonus wheel worth NZ$500,000. Lucky players have landed WowPot pots, but on other pokies in the series.

Five players have won millions through the top titles in the series, with the biggest WowPot win on April 13, 2021. On that day, a Brit landed £15.18 million on the Book of Atem WowPot pokie.

The most recent giant win on one of the WowPot slots was on August 12, 2022. But, of course, other spectacular wins will keep occurring in the WowPot saga. It is only a matter of time before the next record breaking WowPot happens.

You can stay up to date with everything taking place in the saga of the series via WowPot Slots Casino! This website maintains the list of official record winnings from online casinos.

Wheel of Wishes reviews

Have you ever tried your luck on the Wheel of Wishes yet? If not, you should!

Indeed, in terms of graphics and chances to win big, this casino game is one of the most successful on the web. The slot, the 1st in the WowPot series, is a model of its kind. Players searching for fortune seek out this pokie on high traffic online casinos.

Compared to other pokies on the web, Wheel of Wishes is similar to Mega Moolah. Slots of this stature have the potential to pay out multi million dollar jackpots at any time.

It takes a fair amount of luck to win big at pokies with jackpots above $1 million. However, if you are willing to put down NZ$100, the risk is worth it. If you lose, there’s no need to regret anything; at least you were one of the daring players who tried their luck.