Tips for Winning the WowPot Jackpot

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Tips to increase the chances of winning a multi million dollar pokie jackpot? We’re giving you five tips to try to win a jackpot of over 2 million dollars on the WowPot series online pokies.


The WowPot series Mega prize pool starts at $2 million. Each time a player places bets on any of the pokies in the series, the value of the bonus wheel jackpot increases. As a result, the Mega pot of over 2 million often reaches historic heights. Then, as soon as a lucky player hits the Mega jackpot, the pot reboots to 2 million.

#1. Free Bonuses

If you want to try and win a jackpot on pokies in the WowPot series, taking advantage of casino bonuses is a great method. The trick of choosing a casino with the best bonus terms could be your ticket to winning big.

The Jackpot City site is a first choice address to take advantage of the best casino bonuses.
There are two advantages with casino bonuses:

  • They allow you to play on all WowPot pokies.
  • They are a way to increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

#2. Return To Player rates

WowPot pokies each have a different payout rate. This rate, the RTP, is not only reliable information but is also helpful. You can clearly see how much money a pokie pays out in the long term. The special thing about WowPot pokies is that they retain a fraction on each bet to feed the bonus wheels’ pots. Since many WowPot bettors are trying their luck, the prize pools in play are always rising.
To already increase your chances of winning, it’s smart to choose the WowPot pokie with the best RTP rate. We recommend the Book of Atem WowPot game as it has a repayment rate of 93.5%.

WowPot Games RTP

Book of Atem93.50%
Wheel of Wishes93.34%
9 Blazing Diamonds93.30%
Queen of Alexandria92.50%
Ancient Fortunes92.23%
Cash ‘N Riches92.23%
Sherlock and Moriarty92.10%
Sisters of Oz92.00%
You can see a difference of just 1.5% in RTP rates of WowPot games between the lowest rate and the highest rate.
If you only play WowPot games from time to time, the impact of RTP on your chances of winning big is minimal. However, if you are betting a large number of spins, you will want the best RTP rate to produce good results.

Payment frequencies

The volatility of WowPot games is high. This means that the bonus wheel Mega pot is not easy to win. Since the 1st pokie in the series launched in 2020, there have only been a few big jackpot winners. However, when it comes to the Major pots over $50,000, several lucky players have taken home decent sums.

#3. Max bets

The bonus wheel often triggers in WowPot pokies when the bets are high each round. This strategy is the best trick to get the bonus wheel to pay the jackpot.

The Sisters of Oz WowPot pokie offers the highest betting options, up to $300 per round.
You can play the highly successful Sisters of Oz game at the All Slots Casino.

At the heart of the action

Let’s look at a max bets scenario on the Book of Atem WowPot pokie.
If you have a budget of $100, you should make 4 bets of $25 per round. The pokie has betting options from 10 cents to $25 per spin. You would think it would be better to make lots of 10 cent bets per spin, which would be 1000 spins. But no, that would be a mistake! Indeed, WowPot games favor large bets. In other words, playing a few spins with the max bets is better than playing many small bets.

WowPot Games Max Betting Tips

WowPot table of max bets

GameMaximum Bet
Sisters of Oz$300
Queen of Alexandria$200
Wheel of Wishes$200
Sherlock and Moriarty$100
Book of Atem$25
9 Blazing Diamonds$25
Ancient Fortunes$20
Cash N’Price$20
The Sisters of Oz WowPot pokie has the lowest payout rate at 92%. On the other hand, this title offers the best chances of winning the WowPot jackpot when betting the maximum. In addition, the bonus wheel only has 12 segments instead of 20.
If you have enough money to make such big bets, it is worth betting on the Sisters of Oz to have the best chance of winning millions of dollars from the WowPot.

Max bets on WowPot pokies are certainly not within reach of all budgets. Fortunately, there is an alternative that can also boost your chances of winning big. The trick is to start on intermediate bets of 5 to 10 dollars per round. This size of bet still offers significant chances of winning the WowPot jackpot.

#4. Cumulative earnings

WowPot games have the same payout frequencies as regular pokies. Therefore it is quite easy to accumulate winnings on the basic non-progressive versions of WowPot games. Accumulating winnings is the thing to do if you don’t want to bet the maximum on WowPot pokies. This method is good because you don’t have to bet large sums of money. The idea behind this tip is first to win thousands of dollars so that you can start playing max bets.
If you make bets of $5 per round, for example, and manage to accumulate enough cash, you could move up a gear with max bets. Doing so will give yourself the best odds to win the WowPot jackpot.

#5. Results

Winning tricks on any pokie does not guarantee results. But, on the other hand, these tricks can set you apart from players who are not using winning methods.
Strictly speaking, many players are only playing minimum bets on WowPot pokies on real money online casinos. These players can never win the bonus wheel jackpots. But, they are contributing to jackpot inflation.
In short, to have decent winnings on WowPot games, you will want to set the spins with max bets.

Variations on WowPot Wheel jackpots

Mini: + $10
Minor: + $100
Major: + $50,000
WowPot: + 2 million
1. The Mini pot rarely exceeds $100 and is won more than once per minute.
2. The Minor pot sometimes exceeds $1000 and is won more than 30 times per hour.
3. The Major pot is over $50,000 and there are on average 2 winners per week.
4. The WowPot jackpot is hard to win! However, millions of dollars are up for grabs when it pays.

Overview of WowPot tips

By following our tips to increase the odds of winning the WowPot jackpot, you will be one step ahead of other players. Many bettors only make small bets on WowPot games, so you will have an advantage by betting big. Although there is no certainty of winning the WowPot millions by betting big, it is still the most effective winning method.