For a better gaming experience, we advise you to get familiar with the rules of Roulette. It’s a great way to boost your chances of winning. Whether playing at an online or physical casino, the rules of Roulette are the same. However, there are some advantages to playing on the internet. Typically, the online casinos listed on our guide offer deposit bonuses, as well as reactive customer support.

The basics of Roulette:

  • You will place your bets on the spots on the gaming table,
  • You can only bet when the dealer allows it,
  • Only the dealer can touch the chips when paying out winnings.
Casino Roulette

Where can I play Roulette?

If you’re looking to play Roulette in person in New Zealand, you’ll only find it in physical casinos. On the other hand, if you’re playing online, the choice is immense. All the online casinos in our guide offer Roulette. If we had to highlight one site specifically for Roulette, it would be the Gaming Club casino.

At Gaming Club, you can play Roulette fully immersed in a live version or in instant mode. In both cases, there are all variants of Roulette. Furthermore, their demo version allows you to train for free.

At the gaming table

So, what is Roulette? There’s a cylinder, a wheel, and the game table with its distinct layout. The wheel consists of 36 alternating red and black boxes. There are numbers from 1 to 36, and one or two more zero boxes coloured green.
European Roulette has one zero square, but the American version has two. Except for zeros, both rollers work the same.
Once all participants have placed their chips on the mat, the dealer spins the wheel and then throws the ball in the opposite direction. If the ball lands on the correct number, you win. If you lose the bet, the dealer takes the lost chips.
The European Roulette pays more often than the American Roulette

Types of Roulette bets

In Roulette, there are two ways to bet. You can either bet on a single number or a group of numbers. It’s also possible to make different bets, but the combinations of bets vary and each with different odds. Betting on a single number pays the most, but it’s also the riskiest choice. Conversely, the odds of winning are the best on simple odds. All in all, Roulette bets fall into two categories: inside and outside.

Inside bets

These bets win the most chips. By betting on a single number, the winning bet is worth 35 times the stake.

One number
The bet that pays the most.
Two numbers
Two numbers touching on the mat.
Three numbers
Bet on a horizontal line of 3 numbers.
Four numbers
Four numbers that touch on the mat.
Six numbers
Bet on two adjacent lines.

Outside bets

The easiest bets to win. It’s 1 to 1 on simple odds.
With Dozens, the winning bets are tripled.

Red / Black
This is the most popular bet in Roulette.
Odd / Even
The second most popular bet.
Lower / Higher
1 to 18 (lower), or 19 to 36 (higher).
A bet on a column of 12 numbers.
A bet made on 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36.


European or American Roulette? Which one should you choose?

The rules of the game are the same for both types of Roulette. You bet in the same way, and the payouts are the same on inside and outside bets.
The only thing that changes is the number of boxes. American Roulette has one more square, which is a double zero. In terms of winning odds, European Roulette pays the best.
European Roulette runs at a rate of 18/37, and the American variant is at 18/38. You might think that doesn’t change much, and if you only play Roulette from time to time, the impact is minimal. However, if you play long rounds, the different rates do make a difference. Typically, if you’re using winning strategies, you should choose European Roulette.
American Roulette has an RTP of 94.74% and European 97.30% in terms of return per player. In short, players win more often with European Roulette, as that 2.56% does make a difference.

Which bet should I use?

You can gamble on the lower odds to make the fun last. On the other hand, betting on just one number can pay off big if you like risk. For those who love numbers, using proven techniques can be an exciting experience. In this niche, the Martingale is the most famous method.

Strategies for winning at Roulette

There are nearly a dozen winning techniques in Roulette. But be careful! There’s never a strategy that guarantees victory with casino games; it is mostly chance that dictates a win. Besides, the gambling house always has an advantage because of the zeros. Regardless of the method, what matters is knowing when to withdraw from the game at the right time. We advise you to set a goal and stick to it. For example, doubling the capital you invest is a common objective.

The Martingale system

The Martingale is easy to learn, which is why it’s a well known progressive gaming system in the casino. You use this technique on single odds and decide a starting value before commencing. The method is to double down on every loss and revert to the original bet on every win. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? With each win, you bet one unit, and with each loss, you double.
In theory, the Martingale is infallible, in practice you have to set a limit; otherwise, it could ruin you. The system does have a weak point because if you lose several times in a row, it consumes many chips.


Here’s what happens with an initial bet of NZ$10 and seven consecutive losses:

#BetCumulative losses
In Roulette, seeing the single odds come out seven times in a row happens. Playing the Martingale method is still worth it, but you should limit the doubling at three losses. More than that, it’s too risky to attempt to win a single bet.
How to win? You have to stop playing once you achieve a realistic goal. E.g. Doubling your capital.

Tips for a good game

Beginners lose almost all the time at Roulette. Why? Because they didn’t spend time studying the game. Some players just want to have fun for an evening by betting whatever they want. Don’t be like them! A great way to practice without taking any risks is to play the demo versions at casino sites.
When betting for real money, keeping your cool is essential. If you play in a state of stress by telling yourself that you will break the bank, you’ll probably lose all your chips in a few minutes. Our last, but perhaps most important tip, is to stop playing as soon as you have doubled your capital! It might not be the most glamorous win, but it’s a great way to end up on top.