English Roulette Wheel at the Casino

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Welcome to one of England’s famous games! Found in British casinos, the English Roulette Wheel pays the best compared to other Roulettes.

The rules of the game for English Roulette follow the same principles as the American and European versions.

The main thing that changes is what happens when the ball lands on the Zero square.

English Roulette is played live face to face with the dealer. In addition, at the gaming table, a maximum of seven participants can bet, each with unique coloured chips allocated at the start of the game.

English Roulette is truly a unique casino game.

English Roulette Wheel is played live

English Roulette at casino sites

Can you play English Roulette at an online casino? Unfortunately, no, it is not yet possible. Even on the best real money casino sites, you won’t find English Roulette in their catalog. However, online game providers could do it as playing live against real dealers has already been done. The difficult part about recreating the English Roulette Wheel online is that the game table is small. In addition, each player needs personalized tokens.

Live play with the casino dealer

Online casino operators were running full-scale trials in an attempt to replicate English Roulette. The results were inconclusive. The cameras caused a problem, taking up too much space and not leaving enough room for dealers to do their jobs easily.

An iconic game from England

Whether you are in the heart of London City, or any other major city in England, every British casino has at least one English Roulette Wheel table. Even in the finest gambling palaces dedicated to table games, this version of Roulette is iconic.

The English Roulette Wheel in New Zealand

In local NZ casinos, English Roulette doesn’t exist due to marketing reasons. Indeed, the title of a game influences the attitudes of the players. So, offering an English casino wheel would not be very popular with the Kiwis! However, there is an exception with American Roulette. The US version is popular in New Zealand even though it has a bad RTP rate. That deserves some thought, doesn’t it?

The European Wheel alternative

NZ land casinos have one-zero Roulette. Also known as European Roulette, the Zero Wheel pays better than American Roulette. The US version of the game has two Zeros boxes, the [0] and the [0-0]. A rule of three shows that the European Wheel offers better odds of winning than the American Wheel.

In terms of payout rates, these are the figures:

    • One-Zero Roulette: 1/37 when betting on one number -> 2.7% chance of winning.

The odds of winning on other bets are proportional to the bets made.
Regardless of the bet made, the payout rate for One Zero Roulette is 97.3%.

    • American Roulette: 1/38 when betting on a number -> 2.63% chance of winning.

The odds of winning on other bets are proportional to the bets made.
Therefore, regardless of the bet made, the payout rate of the Two Zeros wheel is 94.76%.

English Roulette odds

The payout rate for English Roulette is better than on American and European wheels. In terms of odds of winning, here’s what it looks like:

  • English Roulette: 1/37 when betting on a number -> 2.7% chance of winning.
  • The odds of winning on the other bets are proportional to the bets made, except on the simple odds thanks to the rule of Zero.

Regardless of the bet made in English Roulette, the payout rate is 98.65% for single odds bets and 97.3% for other bets.

Limited places

1 to 7 players are allowed to bet at the English Roulette Wheel game table. Normally bettors can’t stand at the gaming table, but it’s not a strict rule. The dealer, meanwhile, always remains standing. This is the same principle as in live Blackjack, the players sit on high stools, and the dealers are standing behind the gaming table.

Play English Roulette

As soon as you are at the gaming table, you need to buy chips. You can only do this with the dealer, not at the casino cashier. The dealer accepts cash (banknotes), as well as credit cards.

How a game progresses:

    1. Each player has a different colour of tokens assigned to them.
    2. Before betting on the game table, the dealer must say: “Place your bets!”
    3. At this point, you have a certain amount of time to place your bets.
    4. The moment the dealer announces, “Final bets!” You will only have a few seconds to make your final adjustments.
    5. When the dealer announces, “No more bets, thank you,” betting is no longer allowed.
    6. The croupier activates the cylinder of the English Wheel, so it picks up speed. Then throws the ball in the opposite direction of the movement of the wheel.
    7. As soon as the ball is lodged in a space on the wheel, the dealer announces aloud the winning number, as well as the winning single odds.

The dealer announces first the winning number, then its attributes.

If, for example, the number 7 is the winning bet, the dealer will announce: the 7, Black, Odd and Low.

  1. The dealer removes the losing bets from the table, then pays the winnings, starting with the player to their left.
  2. Once the round is over, a new game begins.

Change your chips when leaving the table

When you leave the English Roulette Wheel game table, you will need to ask the dealer to change your coloured chips to standard casino chips. Then you can go to the casino cashier to exchange your chips for real money. English Roulette chips always remain at the gaming table.

The Zero box doesn’t mean you lose everything

The Zero box is the gambling house’s profit margin. Without this box, the odds would be in balance between the players and the casino. However, English Roulette rules reimburse losing bets on Single Chances by half when Zero wins. This rule of the game is what players who are looking for winning strategies favour.

English Roulette winning techniques

In England, there are ways of playing Roulette that you can’t find anywhere else. Typically, the best-known strategic bet in the country is to bet on two columns. In terms of winning odds, it’s 24 to 37.

This bet, if winning, pays 1.5 times the stake. It is a popular way of betting because it often pays off. Of course, this bet on two columns is also feasible with the other Roulette wheels in the casino.

Bets placed on the ball landing in one column of the English Roulette

English Roulette RTP

Compared to other Roulettes, the English version of the casino wheel has an advantage. As said earlier in our article, the rule of the game when the Zero comes out is to reimburse half the lost bets on the single odds. This exception of the English Roulette Wheel causes the game’s return per player (RTP) to be 98.65%. This is much better than the American (94.76%) and European (97.3%).
Outside casino Roulette bets
There is another Casino Roulette that does as well as the English version. This is the French one! You can play this version of the game in gambling halls in France. Like English Roulette, the French variant reimburses losing bets on outside bets by half when the ball lands on the Zero space of the wheel.

English Roulette Wheel Reviews

English Roulette, along with the French version too, has the best payout rate. In addition, the English Roulette Wheel is much cooler than other Roulette wheels if you like to mix with croupiers and other players. Unfortunately, we don’t feature this game on our dedicated Roulette guide. However, we do recommend it if you prefer to go to a real casino rather than play online.

Are you interested in English Roulette? If so, it’s time to start planning your trip to England! But, if French Roulette tempts you, you can play it via live streaming at the Gaming Club Casino from the comfort of your home.