The RTP rate of an online casino is the ratio of bets to players’ winnings. Each casino site has a unique rate expressed as a percentage, which is also a reliable way to judge a game’s value. Gambling commissions are responsible for calculating it and authenticating a casino’s RTP.

Random Number Generator

All legitimate online casino games have a random number generator. The only exception is live games, as you play them via streaming with real dealers. Each game session defines the return rates for these games.
In casino lingo, the generator is called the RNG. The RNGs are programmed at online pokies fairly to ensure that RTP rates stay the same on long betting rounds.

RTP rate at the casino

Online casino winning odds

Each player has the same chances of winning an online casino. However, the more a player bets, the more their odds of winning increase. In the gambling halls, there are always winners and losers. Despite this, some players manage to win more often than others. These bettors have skill and talent and can thus earn income from their gambling sessions at the casino. How do they manage to win? There are many techniques of all kinds, but don’t start thinking that there are foolproof systems out there to beat the casino.
Here at Online Casino NZ, we prefer to remain cautious on this subject and not start promising magical strategies.

Return rates and percentages

Casinos display their RTP rates in percentages. A 100% RTP rate would be the perfect balance between the odds of winning and the odds of losing. In theory, the closer the rate of a casino game is to 100%, the better. In practice, a gambling game with a rate close to 100% means a small jackpot typically.
The difference between 100% and the RTP rate for a casino game is the house profit.
Let’s look at an example

On a 95% RTP pokie game, the casino receives 5% of the bets. On 100 cents wagered, the player would receive 95 cents. In practice, each player doesn’t receive 95% of the bet’s they’ve made. There wouldn’t be any point in playing if you only ever won less than you bet initially. So what’s happening? Some players earn all the money that goes into the machine, and the rest get nothing at all. These situations are due to random number generators.

Best RTP rates for casinos

Choosing to play online at casino sites with the highest RTP is the best thing to do. There’s no better way to give yourself the best possible chance of winning. Online casinos all have different RTP rates, from very low, to very high ones.
Which are the most favourable casino sites? According to our tests, these are the Luxury Casino, Zodiac Casino and Grand Mondial sites. You can find these sites that pay well on our page of the best online casinos. The payout percentage is 97% at these reliable sites.

RNG, the random number generator for casino games

100% RTP rate

After checking out specific guides, you can read that some games have payout rates close to 100%. Testers may claim that the games pay the best, which is theoretically correct, but you won’t earn a lot of money in practice. These types of games only pay out tiny amounts of money with every win. Besides, the house has a slight advantage, so there’s still no guarantee of results.

Table games and high RTPs

French Roulette and Blackjack are the two table games with the best payout rates; over 98%. With good skills and experience, it’s possible to win big on these games. You could even win a small fortune in just a few clicks.

A pokie that pays

The Hot Ink game is a perfect model of an online pokie that pays good jackpots without betting big. This slot’s RTP rate is 97.5%; therefore, the casino’s advantage is 2.5%. How can you successfully land a jackpot on this game? As soon as you’ve won a pot, cash out the winnings immediately, then withdraw from the game. Don’t make the mistake of trying to earn more! A pokie has cycles, so it’s smart to drop it as soon as it has dished out a nice sum.
Are you interested in the Hot Ink online pokie? If so, head to Luxury Casino. This site is one of the most awarded in New Zealand and well worth a try.

Best RTPs

Video poker99.92%
French Roulette98.65%
European Roulette97.30%
Reliable Pokies97.00%
What do you need to do to get good results at the online casino? Play Blackjack or French Roulette online, as these games have high return rates. Besides, they offer flexible betting options.
Video poker? This game may have a very high RTP, but it doesn’t win players large sums of money.
Are you a fan of pokies? In this case, you should only look at machines with a 96% to 97.5% rating. These rates are the best balance between money invested and the odds of winning a high jackpot.