Are Online Pokies Rigged?

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Be very careful! Internet casinos are ripping off players with rigged online pokies.
Pokies are the most widely played gambling games on the internet. These simple to play games attract many players far and wide looking to win money at any moment.

Internet Pokies and Scams

Online casino operators always have the edge when it comes to money pokies! These games of chance are programmed to pay less money to the players so the operators make profit margins. This part of the game is not a scam; it’s standard in any casino game! On the other hand, players who lose money on online slot machines always think it is a scam.

Are pokie games really rigged?

Our article focuses on online casino pokies. However, the content is also relevant to gambling at land based casinos in New Zealand.

Rigged money pokies in a casino

Can casinos manipulate online pokies?

You won’t be exposed to scam sites if you only register at certified online casinos in countries respecting gambling laws. On the other hand, if you sign-up to a casino site based in an offshore region with no connection to your country of residence, you’re at risk of fraud.

1. Trusted sites in New Zealand

Your first reflex should be to check which countries the gaming room is registered in to avoid a scam. In New Zealand, for example, there are many certified and reliable online casinos based in countries that comply with New Zealander laws.

Grand Mondial, Luxury Casino and Zodiac Casino are the best-rated gaming houses in our guide. By signing up for one of these gambling halls, you know you are in a scam-free zone.

Zodiac Casino is a legit site in New Zealand. So, by becoming a customer at the casino, you can play real money pokies with peace of mind.

2. Online pokie editors

You may not know this, but gambling houses do not personally manage online casino pokies. Casino operators do not have access to the mechanisms of money games. Instead, the games are under the supervision of publishers, who are, in turn, verified by Gambling Commissions and independent agencies.

Using the internet’s top publishers you can play at the most reliable online casinos in New Zealand with guaranteed access to honest games. So, you will never find yourself playing on rigged money pokies at these casinos.

Random Number Generator

At the heart of the pokie mechanism, whether online or in local land-based casinos, is a random number generator, guaranteeing each player the same chance of winning. So there is no possible way it can be a scam. Moreover, thanks to the commitment of the most reliable publishers, the best online casinos will never have rigged games.

Of all the pokie publishers on the internet, big names like Microgaming ensure all their games run smoothly.

3. How do online pokies work?

Pokies games, whether online or local, are electronic. The software cores of these games have verified payout rates, as well as random number generators.

On each pokie at online casinos, a help menu supplies official game information. These include payout rates (RTP), betting limits (min. and max. bets) and payment tables.

The promise of winnings is genuine on every bet made by a player and on every spin of the reels. Luck, of course, plays a huge role in any player’s result. In short, many players lose, and only a few lucky players ever hit the jackpot on a pokie.

Large progressive jackpots in New Zealand

Even though some games are legendary on the internet, there are sometimes rumours of scams. This is particularly the case with the famous Mega Moolah game, a progressive pokie game with millions of dollars up for grabs at any time. These real money pokies are super popular in New Zealand, but the number of players actually winning millions is low. So, suddenly players assume that the pokies are a scam.

Mega Moolah pokie game is not a scam
In reality, the Mega Moolah game is honest. Like lotteries, casino games with large jackpots are often subject to controversy. Of course, you won’t find any of the kiwi winners complaining! The best thing you can remember when playing games like the Mega Moolah is that winning big at the casino is not easy.

4. Certified online casinos and reliable licenses

As with any business, an online casino site has certain requirements. For example, a gambling site must have a license issued by competent authorities to operate in a country. Thanks to this license, you know you are not playing on a scam or rigged online pokie. Also, as an NZ customer, you can ask for help whenever you think you’re the victim of manipulated games.

Spot an online casino that has rigged online pokies

NZ customer support

Every serious online casino is linked to a New Zealand player advocacy agency. By contacting this agency, you can file a complaint if you believe you are the victim of a rigged pokie. Typically, by contacting the eCOGRA agency, linked to all the NZ casino sites in our guide, your complaint will be dealt with within 24 hours.

5. Gambling Commissions

The Gambling Commissions below are the most reliable on the internet for ensuring New Zealand users have access to honest games. In addition, the eCOGRA agency guarantees that Kiwi players are always treated fairly on casino sites.

  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
    The Commission is responsible for verifying that the activities of casino sites are legitimate and honest worldwide.
  • Malta Gaming Authority
    The Authority is the strictest in the world vis-à-vis international laws related to gambling on the internet. In New Zealand, the Authority is an absolute reference.
  • United Kingdom Gaming Commission
    This Gaming Commission is the guardian of fair gaming within the countries and regions of the United Kingdom. The same is true for Commonwealth countries.

eCOGRA and NZ ethics

According to many testers of NZ casino sites, the most reliable online casinos are members of the eCOGRA agency. The eCOGRA label is synonymous with exemplary ethics in the virtual casino sector and is a genuine protective barrier against fraudsters.

Rigged Online Pokies in NZ FAQ

Can an online pokie be rigged?

Yes, at offshore online casinos, pokies games are rigged. Dodgy publishers run these pirate casino sites in countries that do not follow New Zealand laws.

What if I’ve been a victim of to scam?

If the casino site is a member of eCOGRA, you can contact the agency to file a complaint via a secure form. After investigation, if there is evidence of a scam, legal proceedings will be initiated by eCOGRA lawyers. At the end of the procedure, you will be reimbursed for the sums of money relating to the scam.
If the casino site is not a member of eCOGRA, you must contact the Gambling Commission representing the offending site. As long as the Commission is based in a country of the World Trade Organisation, you will have a good chance of completing your complaints procedure.

How do I select a reliable pokie site?

The best thing to do is to go for certified pokie sites in countries that regulate casino sites seriously. In the case of our NZ guide, you will always have access to reliable pokies sites by choosing one of the online casinos we recommend on our web pages.

Who are the best online pokies editors?

In first place, is the company Microgaming. Active since 1994, Microgaming enjoys an unfailing reputation. The other best-rated publishers are NetEnt, Play’n GO and Playtech companies. Publishers from the Games Global platform are also first-rate references.

What is the best online casino in NZ?

Big casino brands are standing out in New Zealand and on a global scale. According to our guide’s testers, the Luxury Casino site easily takes first place as the most reliable pokie site in the Pacific.

What does the law say in New Zealand?

The best place to find out more info about the laws in force in gambling in New Zealand is via the Department of Internal Affairs website. The rules imposed on game offers in land-based casinos are very specific.

On the web, there are nuances. For example, a web platform accepting Kiwi customers cannot be on NZ soil. Thus why the most popular pokie sites in the country are based abroad.