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Money pokies are the most played casino games. Mainly because they’re fun, easy to master and payout big money to the luckiest players. Some of these games, like the Mega Moolah, dish out millions! If you like the sound of this, keep reading as we’ve got some winning tips.
How to win the Mega Moolah of over a million

What does it take to win the Mega Moolah?

Our goal is to find out how to boost the game’s odds to win the Mega Moolah super jackpot.

Odds of winning

First of all, you need to know what kind of game you are up against. The actual odds of winning the Mega Jackpot are a mystery. However, we know that the higher the bet’s value, the more the chances of winning increase. The number of rounds you play also has an impact. Typically, you have to bet at least 100 times before you win in the trade.

Ways to play

To claim the first prize, you have to trigger the bonus game wheel. The bonus triggers at random during a game session. When the wheel appears, it’s a guaranteed win on either the Mini, Minor, Major or Mega jackpot.

Which casinos have the most winners?

Does the online casino you play at have an impact on winning? The answer is yes; some things make a difference. Firstly, there are the spin and bonus offers. These deals are extra odds that can help you hit the jackpot. Also, with reliable casino sites, their loyalty programs reward returning players. Our research on the NZ market’s best deals brought out two top-notch sites: Zodiac Casino and Captain Cooks. Out of all of New Zealand’s juiciest deals, these two NZ online casinos are some of the most competitive.


This site already has millions of Mega Moolah fans. Zodiac is a major player in the field of online pokies and features on many NZ casino guides.


The iconic Captain’s website has been online since the 2000s. The casino offers 100 Mega Moolah spins. Players have already won big with this deal.

Mega Moolah’s Mega Jackpot

One thing about the Mega Moolah is that the odds of winning are unclear. Microgaming, the creator of Mega Moolah, has never published specific data on the subject. The best we can do here is make an educated guess.
The mega jackpot bonus wheel

Estimates on winning odds

  • The base contribution for a progressive game is 2% on all bets,
  • The Mega Moolah Mega jackpot pays an average of 4 million,
  • The Mega Prize restarts at 1 million after each win,
  • An average jackpot requires 4 million minus 1 million, so 3 million to contribute.

3 million / 0.02 = 150 million spins to hit the jackpot. At 0.25 per spin, it would take 600 million to hit the mega jackpot. Not a great ratio! Fortunately, there’s better to do it. By making maximum bets, there’d be a 1 in 8 million chance of hitting the super jackpot with a single spin.

Improve the chances of winning

In Mega Moolah, the higher the bet, the higher the chances of winning. The machine supplier will state this info in the bonus wheel section. It says that bets above 0.25 improve the odds of winning. Taking the case of the max bet at 6.25 per spin, we can deduce that the chances of winning are 25 times higher (25 X 0.25). A simple theoretical rule of calculation certifies that the probability of hitting the Mega jackpot would be 600 million divided by 25. So a 1 in 24 million chance. Fortunately, thanks to the slot machine’s random number generator, the chances of winning are tripled.

Random Number Generator

As with all video slots, the generator favours the big bets. In these cases, the chances of winning are usually three times higher. With a 1 in 8 million chance of winning, it’s a bit like the Lottery! Only a tiny handful of players win the jackpot. If this type of game isn’t your cup of tea, you’d better focus on a Pokie that pays out more often. You make less money there, but it’s a good rush.

One dollar per round to win

Making max bets on the Mega Moolah game isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, there is a solution: place intermediate bets. Going for $1 rounds is a good strategy. By our estimates, there’s almost a one in 50 million chance of winning the game. With a $100 budget, that’s a 1 in 500,000 chance of becoming a millionaire.

Trigger the bonus wheel game

If you’ve played Mega Moolah before, you’ve probably noticed that the bonus wheel doesn’t appear often. It’s all a matter of chance. The wheel can trigger on the first spin, or maybe on the hundredth. There’s no trick to tell when the bonus wheel will show up, but it does make an appearance several times a day. Gamblers may not win the Mega Moolah’s top prize often, but the other three games pay off every day. The second-biggest jackpot in the game, the Major, pays off at high frequency.

The 20 spaces on the Mega Moolah wheel

The wheel’s 20 spaces are the guarantee of winning a jackpot. The only white box in the game is the only one that pays the mega jackpot of over a million. The smallest prize in the game, the Mini jackpot, covers ten squares of the wheel. As for the Minor jackpot, there are six spaces.
It starts to pay off in a big way with the Major boxes. The Major pays a minimum of $10,000, but it’s not uncommon to exceed $100,000. Knowing that players score the Major every one or two days, there’s plenty of money to make. Want to learn more about how the game works? Check out our resources on this page.
The white box to win the bonus jackpot

Tips for winning and legal information

The data in this article are estimations. You shouldn’t take all the information and advice given as fact. Our experts’ calculations are approximate, but their experience made it possible to write this post. We also used the following sources to help us:

  • Reviews posted by players on forums,
  • Public endorsements on online casino guides.