Friday the 13th is a Lucky Day

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Friday the 13th is the lottery! On this special day, lottery prize pools around the world soar.

Have you ever been tempted by the number 13 superstition? Between religious beliefs, pagan myths, and a modern world, people use the number 13 as an excuse to try their luck at gambling.

In New Zealand, on the 13th of every month, especially if it’s a Friday, the National Lottery prize pools skyrocket due to the influx of hopeful players. This phenomenon is also felt in online casinos and land-based gambling halls.

The number 13 brings good luck in games

On Friday the 13th, the real money pokies are a big hit. As for table games, the number 13 box on the Roulette wheels has the most bets.

Dates for a Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th can occur up to three times a year, but there is at least one every year!
So here is a table of crazy Fridays for the next ten years:

YearNumber of 13th’sDate

20221 timeMay 13

20232 timesJanuary 13
October 13

20242 timesSeptember 13
December 13

20251 timeJune 13

20263 timesFebruary 13
March 13
November 13

YearNumber of 13th’sDate

20271 timeAugust 13

20281 timeOctober 13

20292 timesApril 13
July 13

20302 timesSeptember 13
December 13

20311 timeJune 13

20322 timesFebruary 13
August 13

With three “lucky” Fridays in 2026, there’s no doubt we’ll see record lotto and pokie jackpots.

He may not have done it on purpose, but Pope Gregory, the thirteenth in the papal line, imposed the Gregorian calendar in 1582. This calendar has one to three Friday the 13ths per year. So, we can project that over the next thousand years; there will always be at least one Friday the thirteenth per year.

Friday the 13th at Casino Sites

Online gambling sites attract more superstitious players than ever, especially the Cosmo Casino and Zodiac Casino sites. In addition, these online casinos attract fans of online progressive pokies which are hungry to win a fortune on Friday the 13th.

Cosmo Casino
Zodiac Casino

Buildings and means of transport

The number 13 (outside of Fridays) often causes problems in architecture and transport. For example, in buildings over 12 stories, they usually skip over the 13th floor and label it as 14. The same goes for street and house numbers!

In terms of transport, like in buses and planes, you won’t often see row N°13 due to superstitions.

Friday the 13th mysteries

The origin of the fear of the number 13 comes from the New Testament. The story says that Judas, the thirteenth guest at Christ’s last supper, betrayed Jesus, who would later suffer crucifixion on a Friday. But, of course, everything is subject to interpretation, and between fiction and reality, there is plenty to create a good story around the number.

Friday the 13th is both seen as lucky and unlucky. But, it’s down to all the superstitions, beliefs, and lucky charms, that more gamers try their luck on this special day.

Betting on a Friday the 13th

The big question? Is the 13th lucky or not? Again, it’s all about perspective. Scientists would say that it has no impact, while an average person might doubt it. In any case, it certainly does have an impact psychologically. However, the odds of losing and winning are the same as any other day.

More logical minds fear nothing on a Friday the 13th, while heavily superstitious people spend the day full of fear. But, funnily enough, both parties are often ready to bet on a Friday the 13th and try their luck at all types of gambling.

The lucky number in the game

Friday the 13th is a crazy day in the gambling industry.

The betting and lotto offices are packed, and the casino pokie machines payout giant jackpots to the luckiest players.

For the craziest players, Friday the 13th is an opportunity, while it’s just another day for others.

Friday the 13th

Lotto and lucky casino numbers

The most popular numbers in NZ Lotto and Roulette are: 7, 17, 21, 27 and 33.

The number 7 is played the most, and people believe it is the luckiest digit. It is no coincidence that the number 7 appears on slot machine reels. There are also numbers 8, 18 and 28! Some bettors associate the number 8 with infinity.

As for the number 3, a symbol of stability, the numbers 3, 23 and 33 are extra popular with people familiar with geometry. The 13 is an exception, as it can swing either way in people’s minds.

People tend to avoid, and even fear, the wheel’s Zero [0] space. Moreover, people don’t consider the Zero a number; it is a zero value. So at Kiwi betting sites, the zero spaces of the wheels receive the least bets.

Cultural habits

In Latin countries, Asia, and parts of the Pacific, thirteen is a lucky charm. As such, the 13th of each month marks peaks in attendance at gambling houses in Latin, Asian and Oceanic regions.

As the world becomes more and more liberal, we take any form of superstition with a touch of humour. The old superstitions are left aside, and the fun side takes over.