Extreme Multifire Roulette – Win 2500x The Bet

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Want to win 2500x the value of your bet on a Roulette game?
You can with Extreme Multifire Roulette! This innovative game comes from Switch Studios, an award-winning publisher of table top games in New Zealand.
You have to choose the size of your bet at the start of the game. For wagers on a single pocket of the wheel, the betting variations are from 25 cents to NZ$100 per round. The game has an RTP rate of 97.30% and ranks on par with the highest-paying pokies on the internet. By opting for max bets in rounds of the game, you could end up with a jackpot of NZ$250,000!
Extreme Multifire Roulette and 2500x bet wins
Created in October 2022, Extreme Multifire Roulette already has a substantial audience in online casinos. Thanks to the game’s success and players trying their luck daily, max jackpots are constantly up for grabs.
Just like money pokies, when a game like Extreme Multifire Roulette is so popular, it means jackpots are always about to be paid out.

Roulettes and Increased Jackpots

Casino Roulette is part of the table games family. Like Blackjack, Roulette is a hit with fans of classic games. Unlike pokies, classic Roulette is not typically a game that attracts jackpot hunters. However, with variants like Extreme Multifire Roulette, it is a whole different story. With Multifire Roulette offering chances to win 2500x the bet, the potential for winnings is as big as on high-paying pokies.

Bonus numbers and winning multipliers

During each Extreme Multifire Roulette game round, when players have placed their chips at the gaming table, 1 to 3 Bonus Numbers appear on the screen. These fiery numbers come with win multipliers from 50x to 500x.
In addition to the Bonus Number multipliers, an Extreme Multiplier increases winnings from 2 to 5 times the value! If it is your lucky day, you will get the Bonus Number displaying a multiplier of 2500x. If you had bet on this number, you would win the jackpot.

Bets and winnings on Extreme Multifire Roulette

SupplierSwitch Studios
Game technologyJS, HTML5
Compatible on PC and Mobile devices
Launch date31st October 2022
Bonus NumbersFrom 1 to 3 on each round
Taux RTP97.3%
Payment frequency48.65%
Max. wins2500x the bet on a single number bet
Betting optionsFrom NZ$0.25 to NZ$100 on a single number (Straight Up Bets)

Betting limits are variable in Roulette. On the Extreme Multifire version of Roulette, the biggest possible bets you can make are on the single odds. As for bets offering the biggest winning potential and giant jackpots, you need to bet on a single space of the wheel (Straight Up bets).
Extreme Multifire Roulette betting and payout table

Switch Studios Unique Roulettes

Game publisher Switch Studios is the brain behind Roulette games with the greatest potential for winning on the internet. By leveraging its games at world-class casino sites, some Switch Studios Roulette wheels have immense payout options.
One emblematic site featuring flagship titles from Switch Studios is Luxury Casino. This games room, a trademark in New Zealand, is a favourite for Kiwi players. In addition, the free welcome bonuses are playable on Switch Studios games.
The most surprising title from publisher Switch Studios is Roulette Mega Moolah. This game offers a chance to win a jackpot of several million dollars in each round for only 25 cents wagered. The Mega Moolah concept is a network of pokies with a bonus wheel on which progressive jackpots are in play. One of these jackpots starts at 2 million.
Want to know more about the Mega Moolah network? Head to the Mega Moolah Casino site for all the info on pokies in the Mega Moolah network.

Multifire winning strategies

There is a trick that boosts the chances of winning big on Extreme Multifire Roulette. Simply bet on several different numbers in a single round! For example, betting on 10 individual squares in each round of Roulette increases the chances of winning by 10. Just betting a single dollar on each number means the winning potential is NZ$2500. However, the payouts can be massive by betting NZ$10 on a single number during a round (NZ$25,000).

Classic Roulette comparison

The classic casino Roulette wheels, the American and European wheels, offer potential max wins of 35x the bet with winning Straight Up bets. However, when made on Extreme Multifire Roulette, these same bets pay 29x the stake. On the other hand, when the winning bets are on Bonus Numbers, it pays up to 2500 times the value of the bet.
However, there is no difference on the payout table regarding bets that are not made on single Roulette numbers, regardless of whether you play Extreme Multifire Roulette or classic casino Roulette. In short, Extreme Multifire Roulette is worth playing for players only making Straight Up bets.

Extreme Multifire Roulette winners

Since the release of Extreme Multifire Roulette in 2022, players have taken home record jackpots. As jackpot Roulette features across online casinos in New Zealand, Kiwi players are among the big winners. Although the game is new to the Roulette sections of casino sites affiliated with Switch Studios, Extreme Multifire Roulette already has a large following.

Recommended Casinos for Extreme Multifire Roulette

The most reliable casino sites in New Zealand have Extreme Multifire Roulette. At the first-class site Jackpot City, you can find all the games from Switch Studios in their catalog. Visited by both pokies fans and table game enthusiasts, the arcade is among the top-rated sites in NZ Roulette guides.
Other casino sites, such as SkyCity Online Casino, are also worth visiting. This hugely popular New Zealand game room has the full range of games from Switch Studios.

Jackpot City and Roulette bonuses

According to the testers in our guide, the Jackpot City site is one of the best choices for New Zealand players looking to get started on Roulette games. The online casino is cross-platform, and there are casino welcome bonuses of up to NZ$1600 playable on Extreme Multifire Roulette. This welcome offer is a good way to get started without necessarily taking excessive risks and still have a chance to win big on Roulette.